Eulerís Disk Simulation Program

Milan Batista

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Maritime Studieds and Transport, Slovenia



From this site you can download the program which simulates the complete movements of Eulerís Disk. The program was conceived based on the theory presented in the article "The Ringing of Euler's Disk", Reg. Chaot. Dyn., 2002, 7(1), 49-60 - P. Kessler, O. M. O'Reilly .My only addition was to include a fillet for the disk equations.



You can download the program from here. The file is and contains the Win32 console program edisk.exe and glut32.dll library, which is needed for OpenGl based animation. For a first run you can enter default data. The program produces three text files: report.txt, result.txt and animat.txt. The first file echos input data and the progress of the calculation. The second is a table of various calculated values (there is a header line) and the third contains data for animation.The integration routines used in the program are Hairerís DOPRI5 and DOP853. For default data the integration CPU time is about 1.6 sec on 1.6 GHz PC using Windows2000 OS for lower precision integration with DOPRI5 and RelTol = AbsTol=1.0e-5.


NEW (13.feb.2004) . The program was written in Fortran77 and Fortran95 and compiled with Compaq VF6.5. You can download the source code and VF project file from here. Please note that the code is experimental.


This is an example of a calculated contact point path (from result.txt) for default data. And just for an impression, an indigo print of an actual disk rolling.






4.december 2003