SMAC for MS Windows


From this page you can download an experimental version of the Calspan SMAC (Simulation Model of Automobile Collision) version 1984 program enhanced with GUI for MS Windows. With program you can simulate the two car collision and also optimize the input parameters to mach the evidence data.

You can download program from here. examples from here. and the related article (in slovenian) from here.




1. The program can be used for academic research only.


2. There is no support for using the program.


Here are the main steps for using the program:


1. Select  the cars


2. Edit the cars data (if necessary)



3. Define initial positions (can be done interactively by draging vehicles) and velocities  The rest positions can also be set. Also you can import and scale a background bitmap



4. Define events



5. Run simulation



6. Analyse results



7. Optimize parameters



Example: (JARI3)


before optimization


after optimization



Milan Batista

University of Ljubljana

Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transportation

Portorož, Slovenia, EU


30. October 2007